This will be my third Ramadan in Egypt. Many people knows what “Ramadan” means … but many people doesn’t know really, so I will refer briefly before continuing: “During the day, from dawn to dusk, Muslims must refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, having sex or acting in a way that cause the act … not to cause riots or violent situations … You should pray as usual or more and giving alms to those who need it, help or food. ” In this is the month of Ramadan, and must be observed by every good Muslim.

Although there are exceptions: “Sick people are not obliged to fast during her illness. During menstruation, women do not fast, once completed it will continue the fast. Pregnant women, when the life of the fetus or of them same may be endangered. The woman who is breastfeeding. The people chronically ill will not Ramadan, but they are required to share and help those in need. Children before hormonal changes and the girls before menarche, but if you want to fast, having clearly not required. ”

I always wondered what was the purpose of such a sacrifice … Do not drink water and not eat any food before Maghrib prayer (when you can and eat and drink) is really sacrificed …

I have often seen people trying to get a hurried sandwich at a store because the time is coming when the fast begins again … people drinking in one gulp the glass of water for the same reason …. much sacrifice … That’s it … I take some time to understand …

A Muslim once told me that in that way one learns to control … is a behavior training, learn to value things that are private in this month … He also said: “It’s just one month! is nothing compared to what Allah gives us every day! Also if one fulfills his fast as it should be Allah reward you even more … When the fast feel hunger and learn how to bear it patiently. The meaning of this experience allows us to learn patience and generosity, cultivated in us the principle of sincere love that when we observe fasting, we do not expect anything from Allah. ”

I admit I’m no good for fast … I mean the withdrawal of fluids … with meals I have no problem… is running out to take a drop of water that literally kills me … So if I have thirst drink but I am very respectful of who is fasting, so I don’t sit down beside who is fasting to drink water … I tried successfully last Ramadan fasting completely,  a few days … It finally beat me, I admit, was the thirst … the feeling of dying under the sun with dry mouth was stronger … But in the same time i was wondering about the people  who have absolutely nothing? The one who can’t choose! the one that actually FAST everyday…

There is a climate of “sharing” beautiful, you can feel it in the air .. The women of the family are together only for cooking and preparing the table … After Maghrib will enjoy more than 5 or 6 different types of food, juices and cold drinks, sweets and then tea or Ahua. In Ramadan you could see the number of tables in the streets near the mosques, waiting for the guests …many people are looking forward to the Ramadan, because it will be perhaps the only month where they are well fed … But so many people are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Ramadan to go to cooking for those who most need … volunteers and solidarity in this month on …

Self-control is a time to reflect, to assist those who need us.

“Fasting makes us aware of how valuable are some small things that usually we don’t give too much importance, such as food and water. Fasting elevates the human spirit and increases our awareness of God, strengthens our willpower and learn to overcome our lower desires. ”

Being a religious time this month there is NO BELLYDANCE SHOWS, so they will be forced holiday for me … Congratulations! In my particular case will be a month of reflection. A month to share with those who opened the doors of their homes, their hearts … my Egyptian friends, which by now are my family … Continue my “cooking lessons” when they need me as volunteer helper 🙂 … Of course I will continue dancing, not on stage, but is an excellent opportunity to practice at home and set up new choreographies … perfect …

And although I come from a Roman Catholic family, nothing prevents me from taking this special month for Muslims, to my mind, my prayers for peace not to abandon us and the Egyptian people find leaders who are advocates of change and evolution so that the Revolution has not been in vain. But Allah knows best …

May the light of the lamp continue on in your homes!


Magda Monti


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