Oops! how could I forget this? :)

I decided to write about some funny stories (some are not so funny) during my performances, backstages and in my daily life here in Cairo. Sometimes must pass a time before you can remember something and smile because maybe at the moment is not so funny. Laugh at yourself  really help to the situation but maybe is not so simple in the moment.
I will separate the anecdotes so you can reread each one as you like, because some are very funny. Hope you enjoy!

Smile to the camera!

I was in a five stars hotel in the Red Sea coast. I had a show scheduled, I was performing  actually a lot there and the hotel staff knew me… It was like my house.  There it was one waiter, which I do not remember the name, which always tried to talk to me more than usual but I never pay much attention (it is strongly recommended if you’re foreign maintain distance with Egyptian men who you don’t know and especially if  you are alone … to avoid confusion or a bad time).
On that occasion I was offered a coffee at the reception. I was waiting a room to change for the show. I had a friend from Argentina that day with me.
Finally in the room I started to get the costumes of my suitcase and went to the bathroom.I always change in the bathroom, for a matter of comfort, plus there is more light and mirror if I need to check some details… but this time I found the bathroom without light, which seemed strange to me, anyway “to keep the habit” I changed in the bathroom and thank God it did, after you will understand why I say this…
Passed the first part of the show so I went back to the room to change my costume and start the second half. I remember it was summer and the heat was unbearable so I sat on a chair to take a break and drink some water… I started to search some tissue paper to wipe the sweat before the makeup runs all over my face… I didn’t have in my suitcase, and I was about to go to the bathroom to bring paper when my friend tells me: “Wait there is a box of tissue paper.” Then she went to get it, was not very far but the box was empty… had no tissue paper but inside we found a cell phone… with the camera on!
We didn’t know what to do. We started to laughing like fools and we quickly review the last video. My surprise was great when I saw a man placing the camera inside the box and then going to my suitcase, he took my veil, the one I use to cover myself before and after the show, he took it with his hands and began to smell it… revised my things and smiled at the camera … We were NO laughing… the worst thing was the silence that enveloped the room. We kept watching the video when we see that after reviewing my stuff and have smelled my veil he was already going , smile for the camera again and hides behind a curtain. My friend and I raise our eyes and saw the curtain in front of our noses… We started screaming like crazy (the funniest thing is that we shouted in Spanish).

At that time somebody knock on the door  to tell me I had to go to complete the show…
Amid much confusion, so much anguish… I was disgusted. I felt very bad, I felt invaded … “violated”. Who came to my mind at that moment?? Someone I admire a lot: “DINA”, who had to endure a hidden camera but in circumstances more committed and by whom placed at the time was her husband … who believed it was a good idea to film with Dina “in private” and then show the video to all Egypt… Maybe to think about that unfortunate experience, was my attempt to console myself.

I decided to complete the show, there is something very important: “the audience”. They don’t realize what is happening and is not their fault… and most importantly they were waiting for me 🙂

At the end I would be able to clarify the things with manager , in addition to having the phone in my possession with the video as evidence, I had recognized the face of the depraved: It was the same who always trying to talk with me.
So I did. The manager apologized to me and assured me that this guy was not going to work at that hotel not even an hour more.  Also he told me the story of Dina and that many people tried to make a film from Dina in secret many times after the incident with her husband. The depraved? I didn’t see him again. Every time I remember this the anger comes but I think It was very naive on his part to have shot himself … So I smile.

Lesson: “Always check the place where you’re going to change the costume… never trust”.

My hair, Egyptian women and I

It happens very often that people look at my hair. Attracts the attention, it’s long and always it’s flowign… Once I was at a wedding and then I approached to greet the couple, to congratulate them and bring them on stage to dance. After a couple of minutes we were many people on stage … All dancing and happy. A little beside me whenever she could she touch my hair… Something that didn’t bother me at all but I realized that it was becoming more sharp until she began to pull my hair. She pulled my hair and ran away many times. I could not understand her attitude at that time, I thought I was playing or  just wanted to touch my hair? Then when she approached me again I let her touch my hair without pulling me so hard 🙂

When finished, I was leaving the stage I walked through the side of the little girl and I heard her say to her mother: “Yes! is natural. ” Thus I understood everything. Here in Egypt is very common for dancers to use extensions and even wig… well not me. Until today I remember this story and I smile.

It happened sometimes in the boat when the women come to talk or take pictures with me… They introduce their hands in my hair and they touch like the are seeking for something in my scalp… It took me a while to understand that they were seeking “a braid or a seam” of the alleged extensions they believe I have.

Messi and Maradona

Not long ago my fiance Mohamed was working in the administration of a drug store that supplied many pharmacies and sometimes he had to do tours of many areas. I remember I was free one day and I agree to go with him.
We were in the car going to a very local area. A very poor area. Before entering the pharmacy he warned me to wait in the car.
After he go came two children, aged 10 to 12 years, they start to talk with me, and i was happy talking with them in arabic.
So we were talking, i told them i was there waiting my husband…  “Where are you from?” Then I said “Argentina”…  they began to jump and sing… “ARGENTINA ARGENTINA!” One boy confessed his love and admiration for Messi the other boy ran…

I’m used to some people react, when I tell them where I am from , like I am from Messi’s family or Maradona’s neighbor! I’ts ok but I would love that people know more other argentine geniuses like: Jorge Luis Borges… for example.  Anyway, I can’t denying the popularity of football.

Well, I was taking  normally with “the fan of Messi” when I saw in the distance the other boy, he was returning … but with no less than 20 children, all  shouting: ARGENTIN ARGENTIN ! ! MARADONA MESSI! … They jumped on the car, hitting the windows, jumped, sang … I??? I had not thought to go out of the car…
Untill now I Don’t know what was funnier: If the expression of Mohamed to see a herd of children climbing on his car or the expression of children to see Mohamed wearing the Argentina national football team jersey… I wonder why i didn’t have a camera… 🙂

The way from the pharmacy to the car surrounded by kids.  Children who shouted wildly “Mabruk” (congratulations) because he is my husband.   Once inside the car he said: “WHAT YOU DID YA MAGDA??!!!” 😀

The children followed us for several blocks until we lost them. We laugh every time we remember that.



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