The fog

Today in the morning when I returned from two shows in Alexandria, crossed my mind many ideas. The first was in the control, we were warned about the frog, we were told that a few miles ahead we would not be able to see anything. Despite this warning we decided to continue, I couldn’t stay and also I had commitments in Cairo.

I thought about the number of protests that took place recently in Tahrir and Roxy. I thought about the walls that were built in the center of the city to not let the protesters be dispersed even more when they are fighting with the police. I thought about so many things that I live here everyday, or anything you can hear on TV or from the mouths of the neighbors, and the truth is that I had a lump in my throat. Besides I clearly saw that the fog was, literally, swallowing us… We couldn’t even see the lights of the car in front of us… I always go and come back from the coast from the Red Sea or the Mediterranean Sea, this “reach destination, dance and return” has become a routine in my life so I know the “crazy speed people” with which you can find in the route and the fog… but this time I was afraid.

I had never seen anything like that. It seemed to the moment of suspense of any horror movie… without exaggeration. “That’s the Egyptian people” I thought… unable to see anything, without see beyond their noses, not because “they can’t see” but because nobody knows what will happen in the next day. Some totally blinded by their interest they can’t see “what’s in front”… but that doesn’t mean “isn’t there”. Others can see perfectly but the fog doesn’t allow them to discern.

What the president did in the last days has angered many people, and with good reason. I think he has forgotten that he won the elections by a very small percentage, that many people have him in “the spotlight” and that, unfortunately for him, he doesn’t represent nearly the half of the people.

There were many historical examples of  “Authoritarianism” and this leads to nothing but the own destruction, sooner or later, of who exercises it… but this examples are not enough.

Now the parliament will be something like “untouchable”, and I smell something stinky is brewing… I think his intentions are clear and it wouldn’t surprise me if in a few months the parliament is “salafi” or inflexible and Islamic… I don’t need to say that is not just me thinking about the possibility to leave… we are more, and not just foreigners.

All this ideas and conjectures are nothing because we actually “see nothing”. What I do see and for me it’s clear is that politics and religion shouldn’t  go hand in hand, especially when the religion that represent the power doesn’t represent a percentage of the population… Whatever that percentage I believe that first of all they are citizens.

It is clear that you should have a good education to take over a country but not even the most exquisite education and not even the strongest training, guarantee anything good if you don’t have it clear that the emperors have died and that the pharaohs no longer exists.

A few kilometers ahead our vehicle lights lit up a bunch of stuff scattered on the road and a little bit further on… I didn’t wanted to see but it were people and, not so far, a micro bus. One of many that departing daily from Cairo bound for Alexandria and other cities… one of many in the city ranging from neighborhood to neighborhood at full speed… unlicensed, unchecked, crowded and most cases: Driving by a brat who has no idea that the lives from all passengers are in his hands. The negligence and the brutality abound while traffic law are not fulfilled. So these micro bus and even vehicles with a suitable drivers are swept away by trains, they fall to the Nile or crash on any route.

There are many horrible feelings in life… One is the fear, but I am convinced that something worse than fear is the uncertaintyThe doubt. Not knowing what will happen and not knowing what to expect. It’s a “Feeling yourself naked and defenseless in the fog, in the middle of nowhere.”

Finally we reached our destination. I was exhausted, physically and mentally… but unharmed. There was no longer fog and I could see the sun… I yearn the same for the Egyptian people… A new beginning where the fog lifts and become visible the lights of a new day.

graffiti en tahrir


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