It has taken me some time… not to much… maybe a couple of cups of tea… and change the snuff and the fire on my shisha few times until I decided to write this.

Always when New Year comes an enormous amount of feelings invade us and in the time to make a balance of “what it was good or not” we fall short. I say short because most people forget to “thank”. We have the vision of an eagle to see “what we got out of hand”, “what we lost”, “what we haven’t received”… or we have an enviable imagination to ask: “What if I had done this?” (or “that”) or “Why this is happened to me?! I’m so good person! Why this didn’t happened to ______ (insert name) because he\she is’nt good person?!” …  The truth is that we are blind for the “goodness” around us… and we can’t understand that maybe for the endless useless questions that we can do maybe “there is no answer”… And maybe _____ (insert name) he\she is a good person after all.

We live in a world that we see, often, through a wrinkled and selfish look… It blind us so much. 

The truth is that to be happy it doesn’t take so much. The first step is to be grateful. 

Once I heard on a radio a very nice message. To summarize a bit: A man was telling about his day at work, the problems with which he has faced, the injustices that he had endured but still when he get home he said “Thank you! Thank you for having a place to come back”. And me, I’m crybaby, I remember being in tears because I understood exactly what he meant… Well, don’t wait until you don’t have a “place to come back” to know what it means.

Now I feel cold, very cold. But I have to admit it “It’s because of laziness” to get up of the seat… I’m excited and happy writing… Although there are so much people who have no choice but to “feel cold”.

I’m not hungry, and I have the fortune to choose what I will eat. I have the fortune to stock up with what I please in the supermarket and if I don’t feel like “cooking”… I call a delivery… But I know that this is not “all people’s reality all over the world”.

I woke up this morning and I could get out of the bed. Make the breakfast (get angry a little bit because the cats had a party in the living room while I was sleeping). I’m healthy… beyond a cold nothing else happen to me… Waking up it’s a great privilege!

Occasionally, I miss my parents. Although I’ve lost them long time ago… I always miss them. But I was lucky to have met them… and I have beautiful memories that feed my soul every time I think about them.

I have the joy of sharing my experiences through this media with people from all over the world… Because I learned to read and write some time. In the world today in many places this is a “luxury” for a few.

I come from a busy week and I have some very interesting proposals. I can devote myself with all the love to my passion… Although the latest events in Egypt do not paint a very nice future… I have something that, unfortunately, many Egyptians don’t have: “Options”.

Thanks because I can quench my thirst… hunger. If I feel cold I know after one minute I will be warm.

Thanks because I can feel. Because my heart is not squeezed by concerns that prevent me from enjoying.

Thanks because things “moves me”.

Thanks because it doesn’t remain an “alien” to me the suffering of others… and I do my best to change this, even a little bit.

Thanks because I know the LOVE… all I did it was GIVE.

Thanks because I started to be happy the day that I started to “thank”… I don’t know if spend so much time or if I thanked so much that already I lost the count from when it was the day that changed my life.

I’m not one to come to teach anything… simply because it’s impossible to teach someone to be grateful…

And no need to searching on the internet “Gratitude quotes”… Something simple you can do is to open your eyes and ears to the amount of terrible events in the world.

Hunger in Africa, where people literally “crawling for hunger”, they have no power to move (I’m talking about children under 6 years)  

The orphanages in China, where thanks to the policy of “one child” thousand of babies are abandoned in horrible and cold places without a warm arm to give them love.

Hell that exists in Palestine, massacres and bombings in Syria. The uncertainty and horror that exists in these countries few people know.

The number of young women they are abducted everyday worldwide by prostitution networks, separated from their families, raped, beaten… Dead in life.

The Indian children who are exploited: Sewing costumes or assembling articles “for export”. From that operation they will not see a single rupee. 

To name just a few…

Is become aware that: of the quantity of “tremendous realities” that exists in the world we are not part of them (at least not in our skins). How lucky and blessed we are… 

Me, from this side of the world, I write in the warmth of my home with my cup of tea “calentito” and my cat purring near to me… and you? Let the word THANKS to be your daily prayer.




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