Christmas without Christmas

Since a long time ago I’m not in my country and the Christmas find me… here in Egypt. I have not forgotten how were the Holidays when I was a child but I must to admit that this memory is “fuzzy”.  Although still alive in me my mother’s attempts for keep me without realizing that she was the one who put the gifts in the manger… Or with the arrival of the “Three Kings” she was responsible not just about “the gifts in the shoes” but also to spread the grass and the water because “The camels were thirsty”. I don’t remember how it was that I realized about this “lie” but from that moment everything changed.

I will not deny that I miss Christmas in my country, is not easy to have Christmas in a country were the majority are Muslims  They don’t understand why it’s important for a Catholic the birth of baby Jesus (also I think they will never understand, and I think too “they don’t care”… at least this is what some of them showed to me, some with whom I have discussed strongly… but that’s a topic for another post).

Here, and I must to be honest in this, there is no “Holiday Spirit”, or decorated streets, or any preparations to receive “Baby Jesus”… There are trees and Santa but in any hotel or places where the tourism flows, where they have no option but to put them… but it’s a normal day… So how to have a Christmas? The true meaning of Christmas were never the gifts or “Where we will spend Christmas this year?”, nor any of the frivolities to which we are accustomed… Because Christmas really doesn’t need those things.

It is true that I had a big disappointment when I found out that it was not indeed “Baby Jesus” but my mother who rode a magnificent theater for me… But I was even more disappointed when I realized that I had lied to myself all the time after I discovered her…. Because with the time, and even the distance, I had discovered that her intention was never to hurt me because lying to me year after year that kept my illusion alive!

And thanks to those memories, today being so far, Christmas is within me.

In my heart right now there is “Live Nativity scene” with a big tree that has no “balls” but “names”. These are the names of all the people who write to me daily from many places, telling me to “take care”, wishing me “the best of luck”, they watch my videos on my youtube channel and they follow me in the distance… Of course I don’t know many names but they are part from this tree, that is adorned on the top with a “huge star” in where you can read the word: “THANKS”.

Have a wonderful Christmas, and I hope that it’s spirit be always present in your hearts!



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