I’m not sorry for what I am

It is quite rewarding for me to receive the love of the people. It happens to me very often in my shows but it’s expected because I dance with a costume and make up and like this it’s easy to recognize me. People come and tell me: “I saw you in the tv series with Mona Zaki” or “I saw you in the Christmas video”… and many beautiful things…

In a scene with <ona Zaki and Bassem Samra

In a scene with Mona Zaki and Bassem Samra

But in the street just happened to me 2 times: once in the bakery (I was looking for my cheese cake… yes I love it) The man gave me the bag with my sweets and told me something like “Thank you Maria” (Maria was the name of my character in a tv series)… and once when a cop stopped us (me and my husband we were coming back home in the car) but the cop recognized me and let us go without even seeing the papers!
Well, now starting to happen more often… and in the streets.

A girl looked at me and smiled… she looks down until she was encouraged to talk and told me in arabic: “Excuse me? you’re the girl dancing in Huba’s new video?” I wasn’t sure how to reply so I smiled to her and that’s when she said: “Yes! it’s you! you bring light to Egypt! I loved the video! you are amazing!”.

Today when I was doing some shopping at the supermarket, I went to pay and the cashier told me in Arabic: “Beautiful dancing in the movie Mahragan”. He didn’t even ask me if it’s me or not… I smiled and say thanks!

All this shows me two things:
1- Yes, it’s true that there is a prejudice against the dancers here but if you know HOW to show your art the people will appreciate it, and they will show you.
2- It makes no sense to deny who I am as I did before for fear… This is what I am. I fought for every success and I’ve learned from my mistakes… “to hide myself” clearly was a mistake.

With Bassem Samra "Tv series ASIA"

With Bassem Samra “Tv series ASIA”

Why I’m going to hide? 

I can’t live without “the dance” I feel complete on stage! People see it and appreciate it. Is that wrong? I don’t care what people say, that is not because I pretend to be a “rebel” and if I am accepted “good” if not “good too”…  No, this goes beyond: It’s because since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to be on stage, of course I never knew the prices that must be paid as an artist, and I never imagined that I will be a “Belly dance artist in Egypt”… but I knew that “Stage” it was the place where I wanted to be and finally when I was there (I was eleven years starring a theater play for children) I said that I would never leave it… and here I am.

Acting, dancing... on stage!

Acting, dancing… on stage!

I’m not sorry for what I am… if the dance is “haram” (sin) and I will go to hell for that… this just makes me think about my next show… I believe in God and he knows me very well… that’s all it counts! If I put in the balance all that I feel when I dance or when I’m acting and “what people say” I think the last thing doesn’t make any sense… doesn’t even count! This who I am… yes, an artist… but I also love to call myself: a BLESSED CREATURE and above all very, very, GRATEFUL…


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